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breaking news, hurricane igor lashes bermuda. casting a spell, she's already won her state's republican primary. kristen o'donnell now admitting that she dabbled in witchcraft in high school. what she's saying about that. and facebook feud, did mark zuckerberg dream of the facebook idea on his own or did he steal the idea from his harvard classmates.
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they settled for $65 million, now they'll tell us while they think they deserve more. now they'll tell us while they think they deserve more. monday, july 20, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, i'm matt lauer. >> officials in bermuda are saying that they are still trying to assess the damage from hurricane igor. >> hurricane force winds and driving rain has led to extensive power outages. >> it looks pretty this morning. also ahead, former president jimmy carter is in the house and we'll be speaking to him about a number of topics including the rise of the tea party, those two
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american hikers still being detained in iran and what he seeses a his own place in history. on a different note, there are new problems for lindsay lohan. could the troubled actress be sent back to jail after she admitted that she failed a court ordered drug test. we'll have the latest on that story as well. let's given with the damage caused by hurricane igor in bermuda overnight. jim cantore joins us from elbow beach in bermuda. >> reporter: we're just getting in breaking news, no reports of major injuries or loss of live here on the island, that is great news, however there's lots of debris and trees all over the roads all across the island this morning. some 30,000 customers are report nothing power here. the highest wind gust reported at the airport was 93 miles an hour. and the big question is, what is
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the word on the airport? how did it make it through this storm? what type of shape is the cause way in that leads into the airport? that's the big question this morning. there was a tremendous amount of beach erosion here, 15 to 30 feet of beach lost as a result of one of the largest storms in the atlantic basin history. >> al roker is tracking igor as well. good morning to you. >> good morning, it's 135 miles north of bermuda. winds 75 miles an hour. down to a category 1 storm. moving north/northeast at 17 miles an hour. for us, the big problem is going to be the rip currents. we have got dangerous rip currents stretching from west palm beach all the way to cape cod. yesterday in florida, they had 30 beach rescues just there alone. and it's going to be even worse "today." now the path of igor takes it
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way off, maybe brushing nova scotia, not a bick problem, but we're not out of the woods yet. we are watching a low pressure area that could become a tropical depression and in the next few days could become tropical storm lisa, so we'll continue to track what's going on in the atlantic. > . now to politics, with the midterm elections just six weeks away, most candidates are having to deal with the impact of the pea party. >> the president's trying to help democrats hold on to a vulnerable senate seat in pennsylvania "todatoday campaig and raising money there, while republicans have more turmoil to deal with, one gop incumbent won't accept her defeat in a primary and there's more surprises about that newcomer who's certainly becoming a tempest in the tea party.
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>> reporter: delaware's republican senate candidate christine o'donnell is stirring the pot. >> they call us wacky, they call us wing nuts, we call us, we the people. >> reporter: hours after she was cheered at a gathering for social conservatives in washington, d.c., an old clip of o'donnell hit tv friday, this strange comment from 1999. >> i dabbled in witchcraft, i never joined a coven, but i did. >> reporter: comedian bill maher says unless she comes on his tv show again, he will release more. >> there's a little blood there and stuff like that. >> your first date was a satanic altar? >> and a movie. >> reporter: fighting schedule conflicts, o'donnell backed out on two sunday morning shows. >> late friday night, her campaign canceled. she canceled on us yesterday. >> reporter: instead o'donnell
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campaigned at a picnic in delaware where she made light of the witchcraft talk. >> how many of us didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school. but, no, there's been no witchcraft since, if there was, karl rove would be a supporter now. >> democrats worked their own magic with a new tv ad hitting o'donnell with past tv problems and an old debt with a 2008 campaign. >> she'll fit right in in washington, o'donnell spends money she doesn't have. >> reporter: alaska senator lisa murkowski who lost her primary, just back in the race. she was narrowly defeated by tea party conservative joe miller who was endorsed by sarah palin. >> we will not accept the extremist views of joe miller. >> reporter: murkowski is defying the leadership by conducting a write in campaign
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that will be tough to win. >> if you don't think we can fill in an oval and write in lisa murkowski, we can figure it out. >> reporter: trying to . >> tell them that the time for action is now. >> reporter: when asked about the influence of the tea party, former president bill clinton said that the voters responding to those candidates are showing good impulses because of the feels that are out there this year, but he's not sure what their agenda would be. and christine o'donnell's advisers, when i asked them again about this witchcraft thing reminded me of the kind of fun lines she gave there, that if she was really practicing witchcraft, then karl rove would be one of her supporters and not one of her critics.
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sarah shourd is back on american soil and speaking out about her ordeal in an iranian prison. nbc's ron allen is at the united nations with more on all of this. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ann, it is no convince dense that sarah shourd is here in new york while world leaders are gattering at the u.n. including iran's president. she's on an emotional crusade pleading for the release of her two companions. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we committed no crime. and we are not spies. >> reporter: her voice sometimes wavered, but not her resolve. as sarah shourd gave the most detailed account yet of the confrontation along the iran-iraq border that led to her, her fiance and her friend
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to an iranian prison. >> i never in my worst nightmares thought i would be a prisoner. i never saw it coming. >> reporter: they said they never saw any sign of a border while hiking in iraq. they got engaged in prison, their engagement ring made of string. fattal, a college friend from uc berkeley was visiting. >> if we were indeed near the iraq border, that border was entirely unmarked and indistinguishable. >> iran accuses the two men of spying and says they must stand trial. >> most cases involve allegations of violating u.s. sanctions against iran, adding another layer of tension to an already strained relationship. bauer and fattal's mother asked to meet iran's president in new york. >> i think the humanity, not
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just the words, but the face-to-face meeting with him will help us explain ourselves and our children. >> when sarah was definitely released, it was a very bittersweet moment for me. the cold hard truth is shane and josh are still in prison and we want them home. >> reporter: shourd recalled the moment she left that prison. >> and i stand before you "today" only one-third free. that was the last thing that josh said to me before i walked through the prison doors. josh and shane felt one-third free at that moment and so did i. >> reporter: she wouldn't talk about conditions in the prison nor about how she was treated. there are reports she spent most of her time in solitary confinement. she was released for humanitarian reasons and health concerns including a lump in her breast. since leaving iran, she says she's been examined by doctors who tell her that in her words, she's doing well. >> ron allen in new york this morning. we are joined now by former
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president jimmy carter, his new book "white house diary." never before seen diary entries he kept while in the white house. i just want to ask you about the story we just had about the two american hikers jailed in iraq. it seems like it might just be up your ally. might you get involved? >> i don't think so, we don't get involved in the united states government and the united nations. we kind of go to strange places where nobody else wants to go. i just got back from north korea getting back a fine young man from boston. he crossed the border from china into north korea and they finally released him. so i hope the other two americans will be released. >> no one's reached out to you on this one. >> no, i don't think they need me. >> what strikes me as much as things change, the more they
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stay the same. you talk about the political climate in this country when you were president, it's similar to what we're facing now, you had to deal with the economy and jobs and health care, and energy. fast forward, president obama dealing with the very same things, have we just not learned very many lessons? have we just not changed enough in these years? >> there were about 40 things that i had to deal with that were troubles in some way, and some of them were the same as what's obama dealing with. the energy crisis, we pretty well make a lot of progress there. i was able to cut down oil imports from 8.5 million barrels a day, by about 50%, but now it's gone back up to about 11 million or 12 million barrels a day. dealing with the middle east peace process, i was able to bring peace to israel and egypt.
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now we're trying to bring peace all these years later. >> one of the things you write about is that there was this dissatisfaction or feeling that people had for their government, there was frustration, and it seems some of the ways that that frustration has shown itself now is the creation of the tea party movement, i don't know whether to call it a movement or a political party. is it a viable party that can last into the future, or is it a passes mood that will end when the economy gets better? >> i think it's going to be a transient thing. but it's going to be very important during the upcoming electi election. you have to remember they came in right after watergate, right after vietnam, right after the assassination of president kennedy and martin luther king. i think that the tea party is influenced, they could be merged
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with the republican party and i would hope by 2012, their big influence is going to be dissipated. >> one of the things president obama would put on one of his greatest accomplishments is health care reform. now here we are six weeks before midterm election and democrats are running in races all across the country and very, very few are talking about that accomplishment of health care reform. why? >> well, i think the republicans have been successful in projecting it in a very negative way. but the main thing i see in health care reform is it brings health care insurance to about 30 million people who didn't have it before and i tried the same thing when i was in office in june of 1979, we had comprehensive health care for about 60 million people who were uninsured to cover all catastrophic health needs and we also had a proposal there that was designed to be increased so
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that the full gamut of health care could go into effect in four years. we didn't success with that. >> all right. >> but i think that's something we need to expand in the future. so total insurance for everybody in our country. >> universal health care? >> universal health care, but it's going to be phased in very slowly now. but the way it was a long confrontation has been used by the opponents to cast it in a negative light which it doesn't dew serving. >> you said this will be the last time for you to talk about your years in the white house. for someone who was born after the jimmy carter presidency whose only experience of your presidency might be what he or she reads in this book. do you think they'll come away thinking your time in the white house was a success or a failure. >> we preserved the peace, we
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never went to war, we negotiated peace between israel and it's foremost challenger, the egyptians. we emphasized human rights. we did a lot of things that were very important, but very controversial. i would say the most controversial one was dealing with the energy crisis. and -- the socialistic -- by the united states into like a five times greater service for the panama canal than when they changed it. so a lot of those things were very controversial. the most important issue we had to face when i was in the white house domestically was the energy crisis. now it's come back to haunt us in a much more severe way. had all my reforms taken effect, we wouldn't be having this problem now. >> as a history lesson in the pages of this book, president
7:17 am
carter, it's nice to have you here as always. the new book is called "white house diaries." >> let's go over to tamron hall who's at the news desk. thousands of people were forced out of their homes during the night by a wildfire near salt lake city. officials think the fire started during a nearby national guard artillery training session. several officials have now declared the bp well effectively dead, five years after the worst oil spill in u.s. history. area residents are likely to feel the impacts for years. the government says the number of people killed because of distracted drivers fell last year by about 6% from the year before, but the department of transportation still calls distracted driving an epidemic. today president obama focuses on a town hall event. john, the economy is certainly a
7:18 am
huge topic this election year? >> reporter: absolutely it is, tamron and i think because of the nature of our audience cnbc and the topic of this town hall meeting, about how to fix the economy, this is an important moment in the market. the economy is clearly in better shape than when he took office, but it's not growing rapidly enough, 15 million people are out of work and part of the issue for the president is going to be how do you lift confidence in the economy, part of it is not the economy but psychology. the president here with a couple of hundred people, small business owners, people out of work is going to have a chance to talk very directly and intimately to talk about his plans for changing the economy at a time when many people are losing faith in the economy. >> all right, john, should be very interesting. you can catch that town hall
7:19 am
event with president obama "today" today at noon eastern time. and big brother, what some are calling the manning bowl, and his brother eli. payton told his younger brother he loved him. and i saw an interview with archie manning who said he didn't set out to raise mvp qua quarterbacks, it just worked out that way. >> mr. roker, welcome back. >> let's see what's happening for today, east coast's going to be gorgeous. wet weather in the pacific northwest, heavy rain down in >>. >> a beautiful look at san francisco. sunshine across the embarcadero and low clouds across the bay
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this morning. temperatures will be climbing in the mid- to upper 60s. a nice day and may get close to 70 before the sea breeze kicks up towards the evening. near 80 in san jose. low 80s inland, but the trend is running cooler. towards wednesday. towards the weekend with winds offshore, temperatures start to soar into 80s and 90s inland. now to extraordinary wildlife event. biologists thinks the sea mice melted early leaving the animals no other place to rest. lee cowan is in alaska. good morning. >> reporter: we're about 300 miles above the arctic circle this morning and this is where the walrus are gathering, some 20,000 of them at one point over the course of the summer and scientists are saying this is a gathering that is so large and
7:21 am
so unusual that scientists are now worried about the walrus's safety. it's the end of summer along the north slope of alaska and in the tiny village of point lay, they wait for the ice to return. the tundra is usually already frozen by now. but instead, children are playing in the lagoon bare not. innocently oblivious to what it all may mean. >> scientists tell us that there's global warming going on. >> reporter: do you believe them? >> yeah, i believe them. >> reporter: leo ferrera, the tribal president here is worried that the -- they worry about the most recent resident who is need the ice to survive. the pacific walrus, who normally rest on ice sheets floating out
7:22 am
at sea. they're unable to find refuge even on a small piece of ice that melted early. >> what this is telling us is a continuing pattern of sea ice los in the arctic, we may be looking at summers with no sea ice at all, or little to speak of in 20 or perhaps 30 years. >> reporter: a new report out this month shows it's the third lowest arctic sea level in over 30 years. walruses need that ice to rest on in between feedings, unlike the polar bear, they can't swim forever. >> they have to commute from a coastal rescue spot out to the foraging grounds, than what it would cost them simply to roll off the ice into the sea directly beneath them. >> reporter: with upwards of 20,000 crammed so tightly together, easily startled
7:23 am
mothers can often stampede, crushing newborn calves as they hurtle to the water. >> anything can spook them from a polar bear, a dog, a man, a boat going by, an airplane going over. >> reporter: bill tracey is port lay's fire chief. he says more than 100 walruses trampled each other to death. so until the ice comes back, strict limits are now in place. >> this is about as close as we can legally get to the walruses without disturbing them. from this point forward, the only people allowed in are researchers. >> reporter: there's even a no fly zone over the beach, something residents here are happy to see. >> what we have "todatoday, we to protect what's there. >> reporter: a way after life for this village, a way life for a species. >> if all the ice is gone, does
7:24 am
that mean all the animals are gone too? >> nbc's lee cowan. still ahead, lindsay lohan fails a court ordered drug test. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary.
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7:30 now on a monday morning, it's the 20th of september, 2010. i think summer officially wraps up tomorrow, ending on a great note here in new york city. we have a sunny, clear morning on the plaza. meanwhile, inside the studio, i'm matt lauer alongside elizabeth curry. will a judge send lindsay lohan back to jail after she fails a drug screening? we have got new details coming up. also ahead this morning, the
7:31 am
highly anticipated new movie the social network facebook and alleges that mark zuckerberg stole the idea. we'll talk exclusively to twin brothers who say it was actually their idea. let's begin now this half hour with lindsay lohan's failed drug test. . >> reporter: "today" lindsay lohan made the announcement on her twitter page. >> i would expect whatever i get, seriously. >> reporter: sometime soon lindsay lohan will be heading back to court to throw herself at the mercy of a judge who warned that he would not tolerate any substance abuse during her pro base. lohan herself has now admitted that she has failed a court
7:32 am
ordered drug test and after years of denying that she was addicted to drugs, lohan appeared to come clean saying this is certainly a set back for me but i'm taking responsibility for my actions and i'm prepared to face the consequences. >> the judge in this case recently told lindsay, if you have a failed drug test, you will go to jail for 30 days. a hearing has to be set, so now it's just a waiting game for lindsay to find out what's going to happen. >> reporter: lohan was released from jail last month after violating parole for her conviction in the dui accident back in 2007. as a condition of probation, she had to submit to two random drug tests a week while attending psychothera psychotherapy. i am working hard to overcome it and i'm taking positive steps. in order to gain control of her problem, experts say there are
7:33 am
definite steps she needs to take. >> getting rid of the friends you used to have or hanging out where you used to do drugs. >> reporter: last week lindsay lohan made a cameo. >> take it from me, they don't. >> reporter: that remains to be seen. if she's sent back to jail, that may affect her ability to star in her upcoming movie. >> the failed drug test definitely is going to send a chill throughout hollywood. for now it puts her career at worst in jeopardy, and at the very least, on hold. >> reporter: lohan also tweeted that she is a work in progress, there is no word yet on when a new court date will be scheduled. >> we have got dr. julie
7:34 am
holland. what do you read, dr. holland from this tweet of lindsay taking responsibility and being prepared for the consequences. >> a couple of interesting things, this is the fourth time we have talked to lindsay, and i am seeing something new, she is taking responsibility, it was always the cat ate my home work and those weren't my pant and those weren't my drugs. i'm surprised that she understands -- maybe she's embracing more of a harm reduction model which is the idea that it's going to take a bunch of different steps and there's going to be relapses and remissions. >> what consequences does she face as she tries to turn around this very big ship? >> she actually faces very big consequences, both legal consequences and career and image consequences. first of all, she's got to go before the judge this week who sentenced her to jail and who has -- and who set very strict probation standards for her.
7:35 am
now she -- this judge can actually send her back to jail for much more than 30 days. he can decide to do whatever he wants to do, whatever he thinks is appropriate, and he can send her back to rehab and he can keep her tied up in probation for an extended period of time which is going to make it very hard for her to restart her career. >> and she looked so good at the mtv music awards, we actually hoped she would be in the process of turning it all around. what prevents this young woman from getting it together. >> it's hard to get and stay sober for anybody and one of the things that gets in the way is denial, thinking you don't have a problem. but she's surrounded by people who say yes to her, offer her drugs, want to party with her. she really needs to change her lifestyle quite a bit. >> are we part of the problem, the media, focusing on the problem, getting her this kind
7:36 am
of attention we have doing. >> i do think she's fame addicted. but i don't think we can blame ourselves and i think her tweet was part of her fame addiction, she wants the world to know everything about her and she is addicted to the lifestyle of partying, even though she's saying she wants to change and she has said that before, she has said that she's gotten the message, she's changing her life. she has been out many nights at a place where she's partied before and gotten into trouble before. she went right back there right after being released from rehab. >> i think a lot of us would like to see her get back and doing good movies. thank you so much. we're going to get another check of the weather from al. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by chevy. every model is backed by a 100,000 mile/5-year powertrain
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warranty. >> for our friends in southern texas, it's been a rough 48 hours. corpus christi getting almost 10 inches. look on the radar, i think we have got some video of corpus christi, texas where we have got some flooding go og there, but we don't. in the next 48 hours, we're looking at more heavy rain. there it is, a lot of folks getting rescued by boats out of their homes, cars getting stuck in high water, a lot of flooding there. these folks, please, you see high water, turn around, don't drown, that is a dangerous, dangerous thing to do. and over the next 48 hours, they're looking for another one to two inches of rain in corpus christi. gorgeous weather along the east coast, however we do have rip currents to talk about because of igor, plenty of sunshine throughout the southwest and a slight risk of strong
7:38 am
>> and we have got a 16th birthday. what is your name. >> sarah lindsay. >> and don't forget, you can get your weather any time of the day or night. >> coming up, we're going to talk to twin brothers who said facebook was their idea. this was my first time to use it.
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we're back now at 7:42 with the controversy surrounding the social network, it's hollywood's take on the creation of facebook. mara has details on this. >> when he created facebook, 26-year-old mark zuckerberg made his fair share of enemies. he's accused of stealing the idea for the website, an allege that will now play out on the big screen. >> your best friend is suing you for $600 million. >> i didn't know that, tell me more. >> reporter: the social network, hollywood's take on the web's
7:43 am
biggest drama. >> they got 2,800 hits within two hours? >> reporter: it's about how facebook was founded in 2004 by harvard university graduate zuckerberg. he was a computer geek who stole the idea from his friend. the alleged ed betrayal -- worn estimated $4 billion by 25. but it doesn't come without a cost. zuckerberg's former classmates, identical twins tyler and cameron winklevoss sued him in 2004. zuckerberg decided to steal their ideas and the business plan and to launch his own website. >> wait a second, isn't this the
7:44 am
exact project that we were working on and isn't the exact person that we were working on it with. >> the twins now getting mbas in england, settled the case for $65 million, part of it in facebook stock. now they want it vacated. >> they believe they effectively created facebook, which is worth a lot more than that. >> reporter: facebook tells nbc news we have considered the winklevoss suit closed for years and we wish them well in their future endeavors. >> they're saying we stole facebook, did we? >> reporter: still it's the latest in an onslaught of pr. the movie facebook doesn't want you to see. last year there was a public outcry when the site changed it's privacy settings.
7:45 am
he allegedly mocked his users for submitting personal information saying, quote, they trust me and then calling them dumb. >> mark zuckerberg is absolutely known to be aloof and arrogant and avoids big public social situations and keeps to himself, he's pretty awkward. >> reporter: the man described as socially awkward is "today's" king of social media. facebook has 500 million users, one of every 14 users in the world. so far the bad press hasn't kept users from the site which means this social net work probably won't keep people from this one. zuckerberg on face bock did not cooperate with the making ots movie. in a recent interview, zuckerberg says he does not plan to see it. >> cameron and tyler winklevoss are with us now.
7:46 am
before we get to the nuts and bolts of this, have you had an advanced screening of this movie? have you seen any of it? >> we have not seen it aside from the trailers that were on the internet. >> have you read the script? >> i have read the script. >> did you contribute information and materials to the making of this movie. >> no, but we actually met with the actors after the filming and the little bit that we know is that they say we'll be happy with it. >> so when zuckerberg's people say it's fiction, you say it's in fact the truth? >> it's probably closer to the truth than they would like to believe. but we won't know until we see it. >> let me try and nail you down on this settlement. the settlement was reached in 2004. $65 million, are we in the right ballpark here. >> we can't comment directly. it's publicly -- >> it's been reported. >> it's batted around publicly. so --
7:47 am
>> so it's close? >> we can't really talk about it. >> there's going to be people right now who say you want to open this again, you say that's not enough, we didn't understand the value of this company and there are people who say, you signed a deal. they offered you a contract, nobody put a gun to your head back in 2008 to take whatever, how ever many millions of dollars, why do these guys deserve a second viewing? >> there's actually two elements of bwhy we're challenging the agreement, and first of all the spirit of the agreement has not been upheld by their side, with respect to part of the settlement been the ek quit by. they misled us. >> you had some smart lawyers at the time, they had the rug pulled over their eyes? >> it's a situation where facebook has all the information on their valuation and how they value their company and unless they provide that to us, which we believe they're obligated to,
7:48 am
it's impossible to really tell what the value is other than what they represent. >> and what's the second element? you said there's two. >> the second element is that they sat on and hid elements of mark's electronic messages, and now it's going to be six years. so the information that we should have had when we entered into a mediation, such as his conversations to his friends that showed deliberate premeditation and sandbags that we didn't have at the time. >> mark zuckerberg is not without his critics, but you guys have your critics as well. they said your site was not more than a dating service and others say much of what you proposed was already out there and that you were lucky to get the $65 millionor whatever it was. how do you respond to that. >> what we had at harvard when we approached mark zuckerberg,
7:49 am
it was a project that was well on its way to completion. it was identical to how facebook operate s today. that argument has mainly been advanced by facebook for obvious reasons. >> mark zuckerberg, i'll give you three terms, business whiz, genius, evil genius? which is more accurate. >> evil is a pretty strong word. >> i think a guy who was a team member and partner with us who did not want to play as a team member and took an idea and has run with it and sort of -- >> confident that you'll succeed in this latest effort? >> we're going to keep at it. we're certainly not going to back down, we'll do our best, for sure. >> tyler and cameron winklevoss, thank you for coming in.
7:50 am
still ahead, has the traditional male become an endangered species, some say it may be time to rethink masculinity.
7:51 am
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good morning, everybody. time is 7:56. ever since the deadly pipeline blast in san bruno, people want to know if their families or homes are in danger. pg&e will tell us where the most at risk pipelines are. live in san jose with more on what we expect to see. >> good morning. the city of san jose conforming with us this morning that this weekend, pg&e notified them that one of the highest risk gas lines near this intersection, we are here in north san jose, north first and the city discovered there is another high risk pipeline within the city limits further north near the boarder with milpitas. later this afternoon, the utilities are expected to
7:57 am
release a list of the top 100 riskiest pipelines in response to the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. by our accounts, at least do run through the bay area and you have 1 o the peninsula and two in the east bay and two in milpitas and the two in san jose. live here, bob redell here in the bay. >> thanks a lot. we will have a look at the forecast in just a bit.
7:58 am
7:59 am
7:58 and we have patchy fog along the golden gate bridge and a nice day. 78 degrees and low 80s inland towards concord and livermore. the seven-day forecast will cool off a little bit towards the middle of the week. notice what happens. friday, saturday, and sunday with high pressure building in with a taste of summer. this weekend will be the first weekend of fall. bret? >> more local news in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great monday.
8:00 am
we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning, it's the 20th day of september, 2010. we have got some people swaying because we're playing the song "misery" and that's our way of reminding you that tomorrow right here on "today," an indoor concert, great music and we encourage everybody to come on down as we do every day. i'm matt lauer, along with ann curry. mr. roker returning back from two days off. >> thank you. >> did you have a good time? >> i had a fantastic time. coming up, we'll have more information on a tragic story that occurred just friday night.
8:01 am
>> can you believe this? it was a star quarterback. he had just thrown a touchdown when he collapsed right after that. and we'll be talking live with the young man's mother. on a much, much lighter note, some people are questioning whether the traditional role, or male role of masculinity, macho role is endangered? is it going to be a thing of the past? some say the economy may be playing a role in that, we're going to explore that in just a couple of minutes. >> i'm not sure i'm sad about that. are you sad about that? >> i never did have a macho side. >> i'm a lumberjack and i'm okay. >> all right, lots to get to, but before we go forward, we have tamron hall at the news
8:02 am
desk. hurricane igor is heading nor north today after thrashing bermuda overnight. most of the island lost electricity during the storm. the airport was shut down and beach erosion is severe. strong winds and rainfall continue today, but there were no reports of any major damage. hurricane karl dumped more than nine inches of rain over the weekend. flood watches are still in effect and classes were canceled today at many corpus christi schools. at least two houses were destroyed and 1,400 others evacuated because of a wildfire in salt lake city. the american hiker released from an iranian prison last week is now on american shores. she said they had no idea they had crossed into iran when they were arrested 14 months ago.
8:03 am
she says they were not spies and did not commit any crime. a spokesman for afghanistan's president says it's too early to judge the quality of weekend parliamentary elections, despite low turnout, taliban attacks and widespread complaints of fraud. preliminary turnouts are in effect for the next few days. the world's tallest man met the world's smallest woman on sunday. both are from turkey, both are in their 20s, but she's just 2'4" and he is 8'3" and still growing. now let's get another check of the weather from al. hey, al. >> hey, thank you so much tamron and it's a birthday girl. what's your name? >> tammy. >> whatere are you from. >> baltimore, maryland. >> let's check your weather and
8:04 am
see what's happening, cincinnati, ohio, nbc 5, like my three way. got a lot of heavy rain in southern texas. sunny and hot in the northwest. high surf advisories from new england all the way down into florida due to igor and plenty of sunshine up and down the east coast. chilly in cleveland. 69 degrees today, hot in atlanta, 93.
8:05 am
>> these are my wife's sisters, say hi, everybody. you see the brother-in-law doing the nice thing. thank you very much. up next t tragic death of a high school quarterback, he collapseded after throwing a touchdown pass, we're going to talk to his mom, but first these messages. it was always... [ laughing ] that seat's not happening without a big miles upcharge. a miles upcharge wasn't part of the deal. was i supposed to go without my wife? [ elevator bell dings ] [ grunting ] haha, that was awkward. so we upgraded to the venture card from capital one. we've had it with the games. [ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games. get the flight you want
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8:10 am
week's football game after a star quarterback collapsed on the field and died on friday night. we're going to talk to his mother and head coach in just a moment. but first, here's nbc's kerry sanders. >> near beaumont, texas a community in disbelief. tragedy hit the playing field without warning. high school quarterback reggie garrett had just tossed a 13-yard touchdown pass, he celebrated with his teammates and as they headed to the sidelines, reggie collapsed. he never regained consciousness. >> the crowd, our kids, our coaching staff, our community, i think the other team as well, everybody was pretty much in shock. >> reggie was rushed to the hospital, his teammates were told in the last minute of the game, he passed away. friends and family were in shock. >> i loved him, everywhere he went, i was there too. >> coaches say reggie had a seizure when he was three years old.
8:11 am
the result of a very high fever. something doctors tell the family is not uncommon. paramedics at the scene say they believe reggie had a massive seizure he could not overcome. in much of the country, including texas, screening policies for student athletes differ region to region. in this case, coaches say reggie had a check up with his own doctor in july and it showed no abnormalities. in oregon last weekend, a similar tragic story on the football field. but this one with a happier ending. haywa hayward -- one of the stars of the catholic high's football teams. he ran the ball 45 yards, scoring a key touchdown. >> it was the game winner. >> reporter: but moments after the play, he collapsed on the field.
8:12 am
his heart stopped for about two minutes, cardiac nurse leisa liber rushed from the stands and started administers cpr. >> it didn't look like he was breathing, and a couple of people tried to feel for a pums and we didn't feel one. >> liber saved his life. he was later diagnosed with a defective cerebral artery. >> i want to get back into football. >> reporter: like so many americans, hayward loves football. but the coincidence of these two events has many asking if there are enough precautions for high school athletes. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news. >> reggie garrett's mother, joanne parkinson and his football coach are both joining us this morning, good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> joanne, it's only been since last friday that you lost reggie
8:13 am
and i'm wondering what you want to say this morning about what happened to your boy? >> really -- i really don't know what to say or what happened but i was here at the football game and was en route to the restroom when i was flagged by his cousin brandon ricard saying that it's reggie, i could read his lips en route to the restroom and the first thing i could do was just get to the field to see. and when i got to the field, he was already out. >> such a beautiful and talented young man. and besides this one seizure when he was 3 years old as a result of this very high fever, was there any other indication of any kind of physical issue that might have put his life in jeopardy, joanne? >> no. no.
8:14 am
he had a physical last year in port arthur with his doctor here in orange, no signs of any health condition whatsoever. >> coach, what do you want to say about that? do you see any indication in reggie of any signs of illness at all? >> he was top in physical condition, he never showed any signs of a health problem, it was just out of the blue. it shocked everybody. >> was there anything that happened on this friday night that happened on other friday nights, coach? >> he was smiling and ran off the field and i was trying to get the special teams out there and i looked around and he was having problems on the sideline. >> joanne, he was celebrated just before he passed. >> yes. >> does that give you -- >> just so proud of him.
8:15 am
just so proud of him of what he accomplished. >> he's the kind of kid that you couldn't say anything bad about and that's rare because he was super. >> thank you so much, and our deepest condolences, i'm sure many people watching. let's bring in dr. nancy snyderman. >> no indication from either the coach or the mother. can this fever at 3 years old the seizure because of high fever at 3 years old be an indicator. probably not. this seizure could have followed any little virus, getting a baby shot, and sometimes when babies have high fevers they get seizures and they're not
8:16 am
indicative of anything down the line. the real question will be with the autopsy, to look at the heart, whether there might have been a blood clot or a heart attack. sometimes you can have a seizure and there's nothing -- or you can have the electrical conduction, the heart sends out a long message and so there's nothing to be seen. so sometimes an autopsy still leaves linger questions and doesn't answer as many questions as people would like. >> is there any test, is there any way for parents to know ahead of time or is it true that the kind of test that we have available "todatoday of a youngt or a young brain is just not adequate? >> big cases like this will cost people, they'll say i want kids screened for anything. the problem is screening a heart at rest with an ekg, isn't the same thing as screening a body
8:17 am
at exertion so i don't believe that massive screening other than being honest about your family history, being honest about illicit drug use, being honest about any symptoms you might have had, you think oh, my gosh, maybe the coach won't let me on the team, if you have been feeling feint, if your heart has been beating funny, those are the things you need to talk about. otherwise the routine check in the summer should be enough to find out which kids play and which kids don't. this is tragic, but they're not necessarily related issues. >> we'll be right back after these messages. ♪ ♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another right now ♪ [ female announcer ] the time has come to get a diaper that really works, without the really high prices. the time has come for luvs.
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8:22 am
this month's "newsweek" magazine. folks, good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> who wants to give me the headline here? because i don't know whether i should be bummed out as a guy or is it much adieu about nothing. >> the story is not about men becoming more like women, guys can still be guys, they can dress like guys, they can do what guys do, but there are changes forces in the economy and at home and they need to expand their definition of masculinity. >> so we can no longer have simplistic views about what a man's job is and men's role is. men have to expand their horizons and be a little bit more open minded. >> the economy is going to add 15 million new jobs over the next ten years, it may not seem like it right now. >> where are they come ing. they're field that
8:23 am
traditionally employ a lot of women. home health aid, customer service representative. >> so you're asking people to at least consider a new definition for the word macho. >> we want to define masculinity in terms of usefulness. men can dress however they want and act however they want. but what they do with their hours, how to contribute to the home and how to contribute at work. the home is a natural place to start this shift. and we make recommendations in the piece, one great example is paternity leave for men. >> getting out there and taking paternity leave? >> one of the paradoxes we discovered in researching this piece is although most american homes are dual income, women continue to do four times the child care, even when mom and. >> i think that now we're looking at the fruits i think of
8:24 am
the '60s when the women's liberation movement was we want equal everything. it looked like equal money and we have gotten equal money in many instances, this is showing that maybe it's on the ride. but the-quality i think was desired that . a guy who's willing to adapt and do anything he can to support and contribute to his family. that's macho. >> what's more masculine, a guy who is unemployed and a deadbeat dad who's still strong and silent or a guy who's doing everything he can to be a good dad. >> who would come to mind? who's the new macho guy? >> part of the problem is there
8:25 am
aren't good examples in the u.s. >> david cameron is in new macho. he just took off two weeks to bond with his newborn daughter. >> he co-parents, he co-bread wins with angelina, with a nanny's help. >> it's when you don't have a nanny and you really have to pitch in, then what happens? we want to see the definition of manly, let's hope that men embrace it. >> thank you to all of you, we're back after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning once again. time is 8:26. i'm brent cannon. >> very slow. the express -- likely because folks adjusting, sign displaying pricing information, new double lines. confusion. we'll give you maybe two weeks to see how this is affecting your commute and if it's improving. the map shows how slow out of pleasanton, slow into dublin and first entrance to the lanes. 880 slow. bay bridge this going on at the toll plaza as well. we have your forecast coming up
8:27 am
with those low cloud. >> once we lose low clouds inland, nice day on the way. 88. 82 around liver more and pleasanton, 68, san francisco. inland across the east bay. low 80s, pleasant hill. mild as we start off your workweek, toward the weekend and winds turn offsfriday, mp er climbing friday into saturday. gbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgb
8:28 am
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8:29 am
grief counselors on hand at a bay area high school for students mourning the death of classmate after apparent alcohol related crash. five juniors riding in a bmw noon on friday before it spun into a tractor-trailer on nevada boulevard. investigators found empty alcohol containers near the car. the driver of the tractor-trailer does have minor injuries as well. more local news in half an hour. "today" show continues. have a great morning.
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now on a monday morning, it's the 20th day of september 2010. it's a magnificent day here in the northeast. although there's some wind in the air, moving around pretty good. 51 degrees. might feel a little colder than that. >> i think we need a group hug.
8:31 am
>> matt lauer is filling in for meredith, al roker is here and tamron hall. >> let me know when to stop. >> we're going to talk to the author of a book that's being hailed as the first inside look at the workings of the obama administration. it's written by a guy who used to be president obama's car czar. we're going to find out much more about and talk to the author in just a couple of weeks. and a sure sign that fall is arriving, which by the way comes on september 21 at 11:09 a.m. and one of our chefs is going to be here, he's going to be sharing a savory recipe for baked apples. >> he always makes food fun. >> watch your fingers there. also coming up, we're going
8:32 am
to meet jason leonard. he's an incredibly talented actor. he's going to be in this new show on nbc called the event. so he's very excited. we'll talk to him coming up. another big debut on nbc tonight. it's "chase." starring kelly mcginnis. >> thank you very much, nice to see all of you all. >> every promo i see, you're kirking someone's butt. you've got someone in a head lock, you're taking someone down. >> i'm so proud, i wear my badges of honor. it's great getting up in the morning knowing you're going to be on the roof of a semigoing 60-mile-per-hour and the cameraman is in a helicopter. what other things can you do? >> your job is a u.s. marshall?
8:33 am
>> yes, these are such good men and women, catching the bad guys so all of us can lay our heads on the pillow at night. >> if only i had a little more stimulating. >> now you're from georgia, and it's usually pretty darn hot. >> it's so nice not to be on the sound stage in new york or in l.a. and to be able to run and we showed the set and it's just a big texas sky. >> aim parable to texas. i'm from there. >> are you? >> how surreal is this for you? >> all those production values right there. next year's softball team.
8:34 am
>> congratulations. "the chase" appears t tonight o nbc. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> let's see what's going on, first of all, as far as "todato concerned, wet weather in the pacific northwest. heavy rain for corpus christi, texas. another one to two inches of rain. tomorrow showers taper off. we have wet weather in the mississippi river valley. mild out west, and also in new england, warm conditions here in the mid-atlantic state good morning, starting off with thick fog in a few spots along the peninsula and coast. temperatures still reaching 80s around livermore, 78 san jose.
8:35 am
north bay, combination mid 70s for petaluma and arount lakeport and seven day forecast, temperatures will cool off midweek and high pressure strengthens we'll see a taste of summer for the first weekend of fall, 80s and 90s inland for the weekend. >> just getting warmed up. >> warm is what we need. >> don't forget, check your weather any time of the day or night, or online. in case you didn't know. coming up, we'll be talking about the first inside look at the obama administration. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
back at 8:37, it was one of
8:38 am
the most rigorous restructures in history. in the new book "overhaul" an insiders account -- out of breath here, of the obama administration's emergency rescue of the auto industry. stephen, good morning, i apologize, i was running. >> running is good for you. >> running in and out. why did you write this book? >> because i thought this was an enormous accomplishment by the obama administration. a singular accomplishment for which there was a beginning, a middle and almost an end and i thought the country deserved to understand. >> you're a guy who does not need the money, you do not need the attention, you don't need trouble and you know that you have talked about some of the things in this book that are going to capture some headlines and as a smart guy, you knew those would capture attention. did you think about it? >> i thought people would take a look at the book in its
8:39 am
entirety. it was not some effort to telltales or talk out of school. >> but you do include some anecdotes of some interactions that you had with some key members of the administration. rahm emanuel denies some of the things that you say he said in the book, but one thing in particular you talk about buy it was important to bail out gm is that there were thousands of union jobs. and you say he said blank the uas. when you were surprised that this would make headlines, that's the title of that chapter. you don't use the word black, but the title of that chapter wasuas. >> what rahm was really saying is that there was not going to be any political cows. >> and i have heard you describe this after the controversy, you
8:40 am
said that's not the context that i describe in the book. however when you call a chapter, blank the uauas. >> what do you think was the greatest lesson learned from this entire chapter in our history of diving in and saving these companies? and first of all, is it a finished story? do we know the full result even though we think these companies are back on track. >> there's two questions actually, we don't know the finished result, we think the companies are back on track. general motors has had two quarters of positive income. both companies are ahead of plan. but the broader lesson to take away from this is that i'm as recalcitrant as anybody about big government in the private sector. this is a capitalist country, it
8:41 am
should be run that way, but markets fail to perform and in 2009 the markets failed to perform. >> you worked closely with larry sumner and tim any geithner, those who are trying to figure out how to run this economy. we were talking about what happens within a presidency and oftentimes it's not the expected that defines a presidency, it's the unexpected. things like the bp oil spill and the economy and the job loss that nobody saw coming. does president obama in your opinion have the two right people in those positions to lead us out of this? >> i believe that 100%. i have known larry summers for 15 years, i have known tim geithner almost as long, these are battle hardened, experienced guys. i could not imagine the president taking these tasks on without those two guys and those
8:42 am
jobs. in the book you allude to your own problems. a guy named hank morris who's been indicted for accepting million dollar payments to do business with new york state pension funds, you say, quote, nothing in my entire professional life have been as painful as that episode. you left your job as the car czar after six months. did you leave because the job was done or because of pressure within the administration over an investigation surrounding you. >> the job was effectively done, we had turned these over to the private sector, we said they're your companies, you guys go run it. between that and my workload dropping off and it would have been hard under those circumstances to take another high profile job within the administration, it seemed like the right time to take a break. >> and the status surrounding you right now is what as you understand it? >> unresolved. >> and for the foreseeable future? >> i hope so, but i cannot
8:43 am
predict. >> the book is called "overhaul" it comes out "today."
8:44 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
8:45 am
outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. back now at 8:45, with a mysterious global conspiracy. the event, a new series premiers tonight on nbc. and let's just say everything isn't always as it seems. >> it's not too late, but we have to act now. >> open the door! >> i'm an air marshal, i'm not going to ask twice, do it now!
8:46 am
>> jason, good morning. >> that's what it looks like, but you have to watch the whole episode. >> your character's name is shaun walker. >> when you say you have got to watch the whole episode, you don't even know -- do you know what the event is? >> i don't know what the actual event is. the writers know what it is, and some of the actors foe what it is. but we were all given these little character dossiers that show what our characters know and we weren't allowed to share them with the other actors. >> what's it like to not know what the other characters know? >> the writer had been creating this story for the last four years. i knew that he had the entire back story in his mind. so as long as i know that someone has the plan, i'm going
8:47 am
to follow along. >> but you know that you're the star, at least for the first episode. >> yes, exactly. >> and so as you're going in this role then, as it's unfolding for you, is that frustrating? is it exciting? how does that affect your work? >> it's really exciting. i mean, you know, i think generally, we go through life not knowing what's around the next corner and certainly it's a lot of fun in a show like this, where there's a conspiracy and you don't know who to trust. but it's nice to do a scene with an actor and not know if he's going to be a bad guy in a scene down the road. >> in all reports, you are fantastic, because we obviously are going to be seeing? premier coming up. a lot of us love your dad. >> oh, thank you. >> and i'm wondering if your dad had a big influence on your decision to become an actor. >> yeah, i mean both my parents did, they both were actors and,
8:48 am
you know, just being around it and seeing how much fun they had and also knowing how much work goes into it, it seems like something that i wanted to try my hand at. >> well, john ritter, i'm he would be very proud of you. you have been working on this show since may, you haven't seen it all come together, i'm guessing. >> i haven't seen it all. >> but there's a big premier tonight, are you butterflies? how are you going to see this thing. >> tonight all the cast is going to the show and we're all going to watch it and keep our fingers crossed. >> get some popcorn or something. >> how do you know when things are good or bad? what do you wait for? do you go to sleep? what happens. >> you go to sleep and then wait, i guess tomorrow morning i'll wait for somebody to tell me good or bad news. >> already we have been hearing
8:49 am
the "new york times" calls it nbc's highest new card, the most valuable. because of the reactions so far at least with international research audiences. the stuff that those networks do. it's very exciting. >> that is very exciting. that is a good sign that people seem really excited about the show and are ready to give another show like this a chance and follow along with the ride. >> jason, pleasure. >> you too. >> cute a button. anyway you can catch the series premiere tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central here on nbc.
8:50 am
our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we havetoth livur wi oin means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
8:51 am
? this morning on "today's" kitchen, baked apples. he's the chef of minibar in washington, d.c. and by the way will be teaching part of the science and cooking class at harvard university this fall. professor, good morning, nice to see you. >> no professor. >> that's impressive. good to see you. we're going to do some apple dishes here, when you're eating an apple versus cooking an apple. do you like a different variety? >> the ones that my voters love.
8:52 am
>> do they all cook well or some better than others? >> when they are very sour and they're hard, they're going to be very firm, even if you cook them for a long time. when they're sweeter, they have more sugar, the apples they are going to break. so you're the one that chooses which one you want. >> we're cooking stuffed baked apples. you start with bread, right. >> here we are all bread crumbs. you don't want to throw them in the garbage, you mix them with some milk. you put it right here with the meat. >> so this is just ground beef. >> ground beef, ground chicken, use your favorite ground meet. and some pork. we put some parsley, we put some
8:53 am
onions, we put some garlic, some cinnamon, some salt. you make that whole thing very well. and then you start coring the apples. >> you don't core it all the way through, because you don't want it to come apart at the bottom, right? >> you know your recipe. so you make like, you know, you can do this with a holer, you make the hole in the top, eyou use the baller, you make a big hole. >> and you don't peel these and zblls don't peel it? buy because if you pedon't peel it, it prevents the apple from becoming dry. >> don't you also put a little lemon on the outside of them? is that so they don't brown? >> what happens is i'm so quick, that they don't even have time to brown. but the recipe also will tell you -- >> you have a different recipe
8:54 am
here? >> put some less than mon on so they don't become brown. >> pop them in the oven. >> for how long? for as long as you think the apples are ready. 30, 40 minutes, 350 degrees. >> you want the meat to be brown, you want the apple to be kind of soft. >> the meet is going to be perfect. >> it's kind of like a meat loaf in an apple. >> how do you garnish this. >> you put some fresh thyme. >> spinach, i put this right before we began, and now they are beautiful and brown. you see this one? >> you smell the smell. >> you cannot see the smell. the smell is good. you're going to be able to see it.
8:55 am
you see this is smelling good. you're smelling this delicious sweet flavor. >> you put some pineapple. you put some raisins, you do all the work. >> they don't understand. >> we love your english. >> here you have the beautiful spinach. >> tell us quickly, what's that dish on the end? >> some apples, sliced, a great olive oil from spain. blue cheese, you put some almonds on top and you have an unbelievable apple salad. >> professor jose andres.
8:56 am
good morning, time now 8:56, i'm brent cannon. >> a mess in the maze. mess all over. very slow, 50 minutes, 5-0, down towards the berkeley curve and backup approaching toll plaza, slow out caldecot tunnel.
8:57 am
slow through there even with the express lane, folks are crossing over lanes trying to jump in and causing some backup. more news after this.
8:58 am
families all around the bay area are anxious to see a new report from pg & e, detail whg most dangerous pipelines run, one city fot a warning, san jose two of the most at-risk lines are in san jose. another update in 30
8:59 am
minutes. see you back here in a bit. nbc bay area editorial director. we criticize state legislators last week for failing to bass a ban on plastic grocery bag one view e said we made the point perfectly about a need for bane. i wish i knew of a meaningful ee fktive way to get a ban aprved in california. and dan hit jackpot. despite widespread support he said one powerful interest group killed this common sense bill. once again cities will need to take the lead to solve a stietwide problem. but the industry group save the plastic bag coalition says paper bag produce up to 3.4 times more greenhouse gas emission than
9:00 am
plastic bags. banning plastic bags in california would increase greenhouse gas emissions. read these comments in their entirety. go to nbc we're back now on a monday morning, september 20, 2010. thank you for stopping by and spending part of it with us. it's always nice to have important and distinguished people in our area as well. we just had a once over the barricade, to be with some of our fans out there.
9:01 am
>> some of these families are worried about their nnl. >> let's get a check of the news from msnbc's tamron hall. hey, tamron. >> good morning, matt. hi winds and pounding waves. jim cantore is there. >> reporter: this is still breaking this morning. the best news we can give everybody is there's been no reports of major injury or death. they're very happy and they're very much priding themselves in
9:02 am
that. power is down from 30,000 to 28,700 as there's been considerable damage to the power system grid out here. fist responders are clearing out. we're doing pretty good, the sun's coming back out. >> flood watches are in effect today in corpus christi, texas. more rain is expected throughout the day. freed american sarah shourd is back in the u.s. calling her arrest in iran 14 months ago a huge misunderstanding and saying
9:03 am
she's no spy, with two other americans still held in iran, she says she feels only one-third free. the american government says that 5,400 people were killed in traffic accidents blamed on distracted driving. officials say the problem is still an epidemic. a crash of a freight train in central india killed four people and injured several others. federal officials have now declared the bp well in the gulf of mexico effectively dead, five months after the worst oil spill in u.s. history. president obama calls the permanent sealing of the well an important milestone, but area residents are likely to feel the impact for years. and movie goers went to town over the weekend, a new ben affleck film taking in more than
9:04 am
$23 million according to early estimates. "easy a" was second and "devil" the third. back to matt and ann. >> go ben affleck. >> let's get a check of the weather, mr. roker standing by. >> what is your name. >> shaun patrick. >> where are your teeth? >> i lost them. >> when did you lose those bad suckers? >> last summer. >> how much money did the tooth fairy give you? >> $4? >> $4 each? >> no, for both. 75-mile-per-hour winds, category one moving north northeast at 21. the good news is it's moving away, the bad news is rip currents with six to 12-foot waves from cape cod all the way down to west palm beach with high surf advisories, we are
9:05 am
watching another area of disturbed weather near the cape verde islands, could become a tropical ical depression, the n couple of days we could see the fo morning is starting off with patchy, low clouds but by lunchtime sunshine and warming temperatures inland. mid to upper 70s as early as know toward the trivalley, mid 70s san jose around lunchtime, finishing off with the upper 80s, warm inland. 60s, san francisco. notice the seven day forecast, mild for the first half the week and temperature crank up as we head toward this is upcoming weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. we're joined now by the one and only shila buff who's star of the movie "wall street". >> we're excited for you. >> were you even born when wall street came out? >> i was just a year old maybe,
9:06 am
1986, it came out? >> was it an important part of your research to study that movie and dissect it? >> i watched it on oliver. and he's big on updates. i watched it many times before i came in. >> the director is oliver stone and he's an interesting director in that he gets inside your head. but as an actor, with him in charge, it's interesting. >> he's orson wells and the easter bunny. >> why do you say that? >> he knows what he wants and he demands a lot, but he's got a soft touch. he doesn't berate you, but he expects a lot. >> there's a lot happening in the economy between the time the first one came out and this.
9:07 am
>> you know, the greed is still there, even now, after having made it, they're bundling life insurance policies grim reaper style. it did get worse, less sex, drugs and rock 'n roll on the streets. >> i think all the characters have a little bit of good in them and then a good streak of evil in them as well. >> it's a bunch of sharks trying to eat each other alive. but if there is a good guy in this movie, it's jake.
9:08 am
>> you know, i was their conduit to michael douglas. i was the introduction to superman. you rub my back and help me get some coin. so i have really good bargaining chips. >> i read one review in the paper, five stars. pretty good stuff. >> you're a real talent. >> and wall street money never sleeps, opens this friday. >> friday. >> let's go inside, tamron, take it away. lindsay lohan is back in the headlines after failing a court ordered drug test last week, a violation of a probation that puts her back in court to face a judge. more now from amy robach. >> reporter: i respectfully --
9:09 am
lohan seemed to come clean, tweeting to her fans, this was certainly a set back for me, but i am taking responsibility for my actions. and i'm prepared to face the consequences. >> and the consequences could mean more jail time for the troubled actress. >> if you have a failed drug test, you will go to jail for 30 days. a hearing has to be set. so now, it's just a waiting game to find out what's going to happen. >> lohan was released last month after violating her parole. as a condition of her probation, she had to submit to two random drug tests while attending psychotherapy sessions and participating in an outpatient substance program. she tweeted substance abuse is a disease that unfortunately doesn't go away overnight. i'm working hard to overcome it.
9:10 am
experts say there are definite steps she needs to take. >> getting rid of the friendships, the places you hang out or the things you used to do for fun because they're all tied to that drug life. >> do you think anyone can work with a drunk? take it from me, they don't. >> reporter: if she goes back to jail, that may affect her ability to star as linda lovelass. >> this failed drug test is definitely going to send a chill throughout hollywood, for now puts her career at worst in jeopardy and at the very least on hold. >> that was amy robach reporting. bonnie fuller is from hollywood bonnie, good morning. it's hard to talk about lindsay's career when you know that her health and her well-being is in jeopardy. but let me ask you, is this a
9:11 am
huge set back for her in a town that seems to give so many chances to somebody who messed up? >> just when people were beginning to think that maybe this time she was finally turning a page and she understood that she had a problem, she has now given a major indication that she's not ready to get back to work, to resume her career and to get serious about tackling her drug problem. >> it's interesting, she sent signals that she was getting ready to get back started on the right foot. she was on mtv, some thought a little too soon to be joking about rehab. what signals did she send that she was on the right track? >> the thing is she didn't send the right signals, she sends all the wrong signals. she immediately went out and began to party again, she immediately went back to the scene of her many earlier antics that involved drugs and alcohol. and just on a friday night even, even after she knew she failed the drug test, she went out
9:12 am
partying again with friends to a well known restaurant. >> some of the experts say what she needs to do is clean house, getting rid of people around her who are enabling her. maybe even take a break from her family. to talk with spun who's neutral who can help her out. >> she hasn't given that indication, she seems to be hanging out with the same crowd, going to the same haunts, doing the same things and suspending her mother, not her father, but her mother, who seems to be very much in denial about the situation and has not been supportive of her getting the help she needs. she needs to go back to rehab. a serious extended stay at rehab where she truly can turn her life around. >> bonnie fuller, thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. up next, avoiding some common money mistakes. and later, competition between you and your spouse. but first, these messages.
9:13 am
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[ male announcer ] bisquick. pancake lovers unite. there are some lifelong investment lessons you can learn. even though we have got these mistakes that we make, it seems to be mistakes that we make over and over again. >> going forward, hopefully things will begin to improve. but there are lessons that you just want to take at all times, no matter what the market's doing. >> first following the herd.
9:17 am
>> you're watching all these things when things are a little bit bumpy in the market, and they say the market is up or it's down and people tend to follow that investment and do whatever they say. instead you don't want to do that. you probably want to end up buying when prices are up and selling when they're lois the opposite you want to do. >> basically you want to look at what your individual goals are. >> exactly, look at your portfolio, set up automatic investing. you can consider target date mutual funds. they reset automatically as you approach your retirement date, so if you tend to be somebody that follows the herd, that might be good for you because your money is somewhere else and somebody else is taking care of it. >> what about asset allocation? >> a lot of people put all their money in bonds because they're losing all this money. you want to have some sort of inflation protection and stocks tend to do that over time.
9:18 am
>> then you say continue to own and buy stocks? >> you want to continue to buy stocks, and if you've got bonds in your portfolio, a lot of people went to long-term bonds, and that can be a problem depending on what inflation does. >> big mistakes people make are unexpecting -- expecting unrealistic returns. >> a lot of people when they hear of past performance over the years, they have earned 9%, 10% a year. in sometimes it can go just the opposite direction. and sometimes, in some periods, you can earn a lot less, a lot of people say over the next decade, it will be like 4% to 6%. >> kind of a coral larry to that is overpaying for past performance. >> this is for the following the herd people. they want to invest in a mutual fund where someone's done well. everybody's already gotten there and you might be paying high management fees for past
9:19 am
performance so you want to do as we said before, set your portfolio up the way it should be and that's the way -- with index funds, very low cost funds. >> and one of the things you also say, bad timing can be a big mistake when you've got your money tied up in a cd. >> people tend to switch in and out of mutual funds, you don't want to do that with money you think you're going to want to use in the next five years. you want to keep that money out of the stock market and into things like money market fund for online high yield accounts. >> and you don't want to put too much faith in your oker? >> they're in business, so they might do trading a little more than -- >> they're it for themselves? >> they're in it to make money. and if you're somebody who doesn't watch your broker or are not involved with your investments, they may do more trading or something that may yield them a nice commission but might not be so good for you.
9:20 am
so you want to watch what they're doing, or go to a family financial planner who just charge by the hour. >> and a lot of people make a big investment. >> a lot of people make the mistake of saying my house is going to be my retirement. in fact, historically homes only make about half a percentage point a year, taking inflation into account. some years ago, housing prices go up more and sometimes as we have seen they go down more. so you don't want to do that, you want to have a manageable portfolio instead. we're going to tell you one of the secrets to a happy marriage. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare, exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin.
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why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪ good morning. developing news out of new york this morning, a live picture, you see some smoke there, billowing up behind those buildings. what the is there is a train track that runs across a waterway and that train track is on fire. it's beneath the bridge. between the bronx there and manhattan. a couple fire boats are working the fire. the latest report is there are no injuries but a lot of people were seeing smoke and wondering what was going on. underneath that bridge, you make out behind those buildings there. local commute and check in with mike. >> slow commute through the east bay. east shore freeway jammed. accident hill top drive, adding
9:27 am
to this 45-minutes and holding off the bridge, jamming up just after richmond. starting to ease a bit through berkeley. 580 out of oakland looking nice but northbound 880 slow. marina boulevard, accident and slow through downturn. and adjusting there because of the commute. we're looking at that slowdown there as well as your weather forecast from rob. >> good morning. starting off with pretty thick fog in spots along the peninsula and coast, afternoon temperatures reaching the 80s. 78 san jose, 68 san francisco and north bay, combination of mid 70s for petaluma and lakeport, and seven day forecast, temperatures are going cool off a bit towards midweek. as high pressure strengthens we'll see a taste of summer for the weekend of fall,80 80s and s inland for the weekend.
9:28 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. >> cutting down on gang
9:29 am
enforcement to balance the budget, new plan from san he so police. the task force latest victim of $1189 million budget gap. the unit is made up of 61 officer and responsible for 1,000 gang-related arrests each year but police association is calling on the mayor to restore the unit. the chief says this is the ninth straight year of cuts in the department. have a great morning. see you back here in a little bit. [ male announcer ] barbara boxer. she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses
9:30 am
with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again. ♪ >> that's the band performing their song wakeup call and it's a reminder to you to tune in tomorrow morning. they'll be performing live to celebrate the release of their new album, hands all over. >> i love them. i really do. >> which one is your favorite? >> adam. meantime coming up in this half
9:31 am
hour, who knew that taking out the garbage could lead to a happier marriage. who knew? i think everybody knew that. >> we're talking about the chore wars, from doing laundry and prepping meals to taking out the garbage, sometimes one partner feels like they're taking on a larger role and so we're going to tell you why it's important to pitch in to keep the peace. >> and a little bit later on, my book club for kids is in session. we're reviewing ninth ward, about a 12-year-old girl and her fiercely loving caretaker who had visions of an upcoming storm which turns out to be hurricane katrina. also ahead in "today's" kitchen, a party and healthy one dish dinner. turkey and meatballs. we'll see how that works out.
9:32 am
but al, first, the weather? >> let's see what's happening as far as your week ahead's concerned, much above normal temperatures in the early part of the week, wet weather in the pacific northwest, as we move into the midweek period, you can see those above normal temperatures from the great lakes all the way into the southwest. below normal temperatures on the west coast. warm out west, warm in the southeast, showers from the central great lakes back into texas and some rain in northern new englan the morning is starting off with thick fog and few spots along the peninsula and coast. the afternoon, temperatures still reaching the 80s. inland around livermore. 68 san francisco and north bay, mid 70s for petaluma and low 80s round lakeport. seven day forecast, temperatures will cool off towards midweek and as high pressure strengthens a taste of summer for the first weekend of fall.
9:33 am
80s and 90s inland for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. up next, why the opposite sex has opposite ideas when it comes to household chores right after this. well, kids need to eat well. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong. with big g kid cereals. ♪
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9:36 am
this morning on "today's" relationships, the chore wars. there's a new survey that founds that one out of every five americans admits to fighting over house work with their spouse every month. >> so how do you end this battle of the sexes. robbie ludwick has some advice. this is a universal problem, a lot of couples can relate to this and the survey was very telling. >> clr did a survey, and they were the first to look at this problem, how are men and women different when it comes to this problem, who cleans more and how do women really feel about it? 69% of women feel that they did all of the house work or most of it and 53% of the men said no, i disagree, i really feel like i pull my weight. >> was that surprising? >> no, because i think men are doing a lot more than they ever
9:37 am
did before, so to them, taking out the garbage and maybe picking up after the kids feels like they are doing half the work, but women are working outside the home, so there is this kind of idea shift that's going on. >> and these little fights can seem trivial, but they can actually be damaging to a marriage? >> they can. because what the study also showed that women who felt that they were overburdened and taking on most of the responsibility really were angry with their husbands and not feeling as good about their marriages. but on the up side, women who felt that their husbands were helping and that things were fair and square really felt good about their relationship and this is something that comes up on a regular basis, one out of five couples on a monthly basis argue about it. it's reality. >> so one of the things you should do is assign appropriate assignments. >> right. so what you want to do is don't go against the grain. if your husband likes doing the laundry, let him do the laundry,
9:38 am
if you like cleaning the dishes, separate it along the lines where people are actually good -- >> consider complements. >> were? you should all be complementing. nagging didn't work, if your partner really lets say one day cleans up the table, say thank you, that really meant a lot to me. success builds on success. and that really helps people do more of what you want them to do. >> it's overwhelming to clean a house when nobody wants to do it. do it in five minute intervals it's amazing what can get done in five-minute intervals. >> and you get the kids involved? >> i did this this summer. if you make it a family activity, you can burn calories, it's something everybody does together and then you reward yourself after the fact with movies or a nice dinner out. but get everyone involved.
9:39 am
everybody's messing up so everybody should clean up. >> i'm saying to my mom, we should get a dishwasher, she said i've got six of them already. and one of the things you say, just do it. you're not going to like cleaning all the time. clr also studied that cleaning the toilet is the least popular thing to do. >> really? >> big surprise there. but sometimes you just have to do it. a clean home has a better chance of being a happier home so you have to do things in life you don't want to do all the time, so just make yours do it. >> and it sounds like you should also come up with a plan for these things so that everyone knows up front what they're doing. >> don't surprise me with an assignment. >> don't do i did this, you do that. we have a personality quiz that you can get on clr chore, it's also on the size. so you can find out what is your cleaning personality and find a way to make that work in your house. mine is a can do.
9:40 am
i took the quiz, i'm a can do. are you a honey do or are you are a canada? >> i'm avoiding you as a possibility. i'm hiding in the closet. >> avoidance is not the solution. >> you can take that cleaning personality quiz on our website. i'm a neat freak, i'm a can do. >> up ne aren't you sick of these airline credit cards that advertise flights for 25,000 miles? but when you call... let me check. oh fudge, nothing without a big miles upcharge. it's either pay their miles upcharges or connect through mooseneck! [ freezing ] i can't feel my feet. we switched to the venture card from capital one -- so no more games. let's go see those grandkids.
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9:44 am
good morning. on al's book club for kids. 12-year-old lanisha is -- mama sees a great storm coming, which turns out to be hurricane katrina. it would destroy her home and ravage new orleans. lanisha is forced to use her inner strength to survive the storm against all odds. this is the last meaning of this particular group of our book club kids, so we want to say hello one more time to ava thornton, sabrina fernandez and spencer carl otto. good morning to everybody. >> before we get to our book club kids, i want to ask you, you're an award winning adult book writer and author.
9:45 am
and you decided to write a book for kids on hurricane katrina. why? >> i have wanted to write a book for children since i was in the third grade. and hurricane katrina worried me so much, i felt devastated for the children. so i wanted to write about a character that showed how strong and how wonderful they were. so lanisha really takes tragedy and turns it into a triumph. >> first of all, let's talk to eva. what's your question. >> hi, well, there's a certain supernatural element to the story that i like and i wanted to know what made you want to include this trait in the characters of molly yaya and lanisha? >> i wanted to create a sense that there was mysteries and wonders in the world and things you couldn't see, and that was to encourage lanisha to call on
9:46 am
her inner wisdom and instincts. >> all right, miles i know you're kind of leaning forward. >> jewel, now in the book you particularly talked about mama yaya, did you have the same relationship with your grandmother as lanisha did with mama yaya because i know i have a very special relationship with my grandmother. >> my grandmother was the prototype for mama yaya and if it had. been for my grandmother, i wouldn't have become a writer. >> that's a great influence. >> claire williams from loudens borrow, alabama. claire, you have been reading along with the group, what is your question? >> my question is, i was just wondering, do you have any personal ties to new orleans, the setting of your book? >> no, i don't. i think it's kind of magical that i'm drawn to new orleans, i have been since i was a child
9:47 am
and i think i must have lived there in another life. >> wow. >> kind of a little more supernatural. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks so much for your question, claire. now we have got sabrina fernand fernandez. what's your question? >> hello, jewel, my question is, it was a terrible disaster for hurricane katrina, so it took a lot of lives, of so many people and so many different communities so and in new orleans, how and why did you change the ninth ward? >> ninth ward was the area that was most devastated. that was the area where the levees first broke and right now you'll go visit the ninth ward and it's still just slowly rebuilding, so i went to the worst place to write about. but i wanted to go to a community where people loved each other so much and i wanted to show what was lost.
9:48 am
>> and last but not least, spencer, what is your question? >> at the end of the book, something was holding lanisha in the water, what was it? >> i like to think that it was a tree that was holding her down and almost drowning her. that's when her mother the ghost comes and talks with her and everything is already. and lanis hrklanisha bursts up once again the strong child. >> one to five stars, five being the highest, ninth ward gets four stars. >> thank you. >> jewel parker wrote it. thank you so much, and thanks to you guys, you're a terrific group, we really loved having you guys. if you have a child that would want to join us who lives in the tri-state area, go to our website for more information. let's go to the next book, it's a whole other story by dr.
9:49 am
comfort soup. and next "today's" kitchen with pamela anderson. but first, this is "today" on nbc. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen, hot chef pam anderson has expressed frustration about coordinating an entire meal, she was inspired to create a cookbook filled with simple recipes. the result, her one dish dinners. good morning. i'm sure you did it a lot. >> i do. >> what are you making "today"? and i'm stunned that it's one dish. >> it is. because you think, okay, we need -- this is essentially spaghetti and meatballs, you need one pan skillet for the meatballs, and a pan for the
9:52 am
pasta. these are meatballs that are lean and delicious and we're adding toasted garlic, i like using toastal garlic because it gives it the real garlic flavor without the bitterness. we're going to add other flavorful things which you're going to mix in here, cracker crumbs and also fettuccine cheese. these are actually called meat drums. >> you mix all this together? >> and the reason i call them meat drums and meat mallets because it's tough to brown a meat ball. if you just form it in a tropicdrum shape, you've got two sides to totally brown. >> you can took everything in one batch. you don't have to do any batch cooking. and you're not rolling the beat malls around, you're just
9:53 am
flipping them over to brown them out. >> exactly. >> and the double surface means you're not cooking -- we have got some delicious garlic here. we're going to add some flavor. because this sauce is not going to cook for hours and hours. it's only going to cook in about 10 or 15 minutes. we have got our sauce, we're going to add our meatballs back in. the double surface means the sauce is going to cook more quickly in this roasting pan. so we have got this in here, now we're going to add pasta. >> and this is different, because normally you would boil your pasta? >> exactly. this should simmer for about 10 or 15 minutes. >> does this allow the flavor to soak in even more? >> it does. so now we're going to add the pasta and six cups of water. now because the cooking time is so short, does it allow all the flavor to get into that sauce? >> it does, because we have
9:54 am
added the garlic and the red wine which really bumps up the flavor. >> and we have got the finished product nearby? >> and this roasting pan also doubles as your serving dish. you don't even have to -- >> so this is meant for the -- i am a real cook and these are my solutions. >> you add a little fettuccine. and that's it. >> tell me about the kooky. >> this is a show about weight. >> perfect timing. >> the age and all the numbers nobody wants to admit to. >> it's the cookies. >> i love to make cookies, but i don't have time to make four dozen, just make one big one. and then you just take it to the table and cut it off. >> i'm doing it. >> we're about to reveal some very, very distressing numbers on our show.
9:55 am
weight and age on these buttons. >> our real weight and our real age. >> real weight and real age. yo? >> certainly, but first our news and weather. gbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgb
9:56 am
good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a look at our commute? >> look at this.
9:57 am
not too pleasant. northbound 808 slow from the coliseum, jammed around 23rd. clearing from the roadway, a problem but the travel time from 238 up to the maze. show you the maps, not as bad as half hour ago. still very slow but travel time 20 minutes now. 25 to 30 minutes off the bridge down to the east shore freeway and curve as well. still slow as you approach the express lane, confusion a lot of folks reading signs. two weeks about sort out there. live look outside as well and see how things are going across the golden gate bridge. see the low cloud. >> some patchy low clouds, pretty nice forecast, just running on the mied side. san he so, 78, low 70s oakland. seven day forecast, mild, cooler towards wednesday and we warm up big time inland for the weekend. thank you very much, rob. oakland police hope surveillance video will help them catch a man who robbed the mair m mayorial
9:58 am
candidate. she said a man came up and grabbed her purse. kwan struggled to holden to her bag. he wallet was gone, and $50 in cash. >> i'm embarrassed, i did what people try not to do. i tried to hold tonight purse and went after him, we tell people never to do that sfwlf kwan says it's first time during 30 years in oakland something like this happened to her and one of moernts former state senator as also been a victim of crime on oakland streets. carjacked at gun point in oakland three years ago. i'll have another local news update in about a half hour. "today" shows returns in about main. have a great monday morning. hi! welcome to
9:59 am
come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
10:00 am
from nbc new, this is a special numbers education, live from stud 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> i just want to say -- >> that's why we call it fundy, september 20th. >> she gets 36-24-36 -- >> if only that were true. >> i get 46. >> well, i'm about to make it up to you, because, yes, we're bowing to tell you special numbers today. it's a special edition of the
10:01 am
"today" show. we went without makeup a few months ago, just to be -- i don't know why we did that. i am sorry we did that. but today we are going to reveal as most of you know our ages. we are what we are. >> the idea is, you are -- >> you can lie about it and you know who you are, but the truth is, i am 57 and a month already. >> 'you just turned 26 early in august. >> later -- how do you feel wearing the button? it's one thing to say it out loud. it goes away and some people missed it. what do you think about wearing it, continuing -- >> i'm so over this kind of stuff. i'm just grateful to be alive. and healthy. >> i do think, though, it's funny, i put this on facebook and twitter last night to let people know we were going to do it. most people said i have no problem revealing my age.
10:02 am
but are sensitive revealing their weight. >> we just asked joy behar, she wears like 20 bounds -- >> i will, if you don't put on the thing that says what you weigh. >> we're asking guests to wear buttons that say their weight or age or both. it's interesting, some people are uncomfortable. i get it, who would want to blab it on national tv. it lives forever in cyberspace. >> the other thing, too, this is established in time. you are your age, but your weight is something that fluctuates. here's my frustration, okay. i was 104 when i got married. that was 24 years ago next month, right? we were out in the hamptons for our friend's wedding over the weekend. all of those memories come back you to. i realize i've gained more than one pound every year since i got marry. i weigh more than i was when i
10:03 am
was nine months pregnant with cody. >> no you don't. >> yes, i do. >> you weighed 104? i remember distinctly being in sixth grade. everyone was in their 80s and 90s -- >> do we have a picture of that? >> no! >> i distinctly remember when they weigh you for the presidential thing, i was 101. when you're offer 100 in sixth grade, that's when there's trouble. everyone go, you're 100? >> nobody cares about your height. you're over 100. that's big. so i think of you being 104. i remember 100 from sixth grade. that's it. i don't remember ever seeing it. a lot of it is bone structure. and my mother used to say as she got old, you know as we get older, we lose so etch weight in our face. >> i said mother let's forget about the face. okay? you got to take care of both, if
10:04 am
you know what i'm saying. >> i was my heaviest -- again, we are going to reveal our weight -- just not right now. we want you to hang in with us. >> we promise that we will. i remember weighing, i think it was my second job, maybe, i think i weighed close to or more than about 180 -- 170. >> you're 5'9" hoda. >> it's a little bloated -- >> but that was -- and at the time, i didn't realize -- i guess, i don't know, maybe i wasn't as self-conscious. >> you are in the best shape of your life. we've been talking about this. here's what i've done. it's almost one year. after you turn 50, nothing is the same. last year, i gave up all threbr. all sweets, you never see me eat sweets, and then about four months ago. i gave up dairy, and my beloved
10:05 am
wine, i drink spitzers now. what the heck is left? and yet i gained 4 pounds since -- >> yeah. >> you know what is funny been b th about that? -- >> nothing. >> nothing is funny about that. you can eat a bunch of crackers or eat almost nothing, or eat a little. and the next day you gained weight? i'm watching and thinking, how is that possible? today i ate almost nothing, i stood on the scale and i gained weight. >> i don't know about you, you are 46. after 50, it's all about hormones and you can't control them very much. >> we want to do a little math. >> it is just a number. when frank turned 80. he wasn't want to hear about this. when i look likerank when i'm 80, he looks unbelievable. i figured if i had frank at 80, i could trade him in for two 40-year-olds, right? >> that's sweet. >> then i thought, why would i want to do that, when i can also
10:06 am
trade him for four 20-year-olds. >> yes, really? >> beyond that it gets gross and probably illegal. i thought that would be an interesting thing to think about. >> let's see what we are up to. do you want to do me first? >> yeah. >> what does 46 look like in. >> what does 46 look like? >> here they come. >> come on in, everybody, this is what 46 looks like. >> oh, look how cute. two 21-year-olds and a 4. >> you're an adult twice over, hoda. >> with a 4 yearly. >> what's her name? >> this is lilly. >> hi, lilly. it's nice to see it like that. >> a little more depressing. >> shall i do me? >> adds up to 57? >> oh, no! >> hello, there. what is your name? >> look at them.
10:07 am
i'm not taking them home. >> look what you could have? >> you know what, say hello to frank. >> he can kick your butt. >> we'll make frank an honorary chip 'n dale. >> are you a live chipchippenda? >> absolutely. >> what is your busize? that's where all of my weight is now. and it seems that you have the same problem, right? >> a little bit maybe sometimes. >> yeah, you guys work out how many hours a day? >> actually not that long. >> you guys, thank you. thank you really so much. >> thanks for having us. we deaf lit a appreciate it. >> you know what, this isn't such a bad day at all. >> no. so far, 36-24-36 and 46. two kids, two 21 yearlies. >> everybody feels sorry for me.
10:08 am
i'm the oldest person at the "today" show except for willard scott and we'll both be on smukers, you know what i'm saying? >> we'll reveal our weight because we're not scared. we have our buttons and a marker, we wanted to weigh ourselves in the morning so we have the right weight, we didn't want to give it to them friday, because it may have fluctuated. i went to my friend lauren's wedding, she has been together for 24 years, and they have a baby girl. we see more and more of those weddings. >> if you were going to buy one pair of workout pants, these are pricey, you put them in the washer, they look like new, they are $98, they -- they last forever. >> and they fit just -- they fit the body in a great way. >> they fit you -- >> your rear end -- >> no. anyway, it's 98 bucks at lulu
10:09 am >> i've heard so many things about different sweeteners that scare you. there are a lot of chemicals in that sort of thing. i also switched to trivia. almost no grocery score, no calories at all. yet much, much healthier for you. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> but i really pretty much -- i've given up everything in life about about you, hoda. there's nothing left for me. what joy is there in life, except for friendships? i have dear friends vis iing from holland, michigan. >> you know my dear, dear friend. over there with all of her friends. they wouldn't get on the scale, by the way. >> they refused to do their age and weight. maybe by the end of the show we'll get them to admit it. >> are we going to sarah? >> hi, guys. >> first of all i love lulu lemon pants my brother calls them my uniform. this is the complexion concealer
10:10 am
mary uses. it looks great. it's on me every day. it's about $8 at your drug store or whatever. >> you're probably wearing 33, huh? >> yes, so are my shoe, 33. >> i think i got someone else's button. they didn't have any more 25s. >> you're probably wearing their buttons. we'll talk field, menopause and weight gain with all of the experts. >> first here's what one woman had to say about her weight. we'll be back after this. >> 152 -- i flukctuate five pounds. we'll just say that. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder. [ female announcer ] if you're suffering,
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10:13 am
freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. i hate my weight. but i do it for myself, because i want to eat. >> 193. that's less than 200. whoo! >> and she did it with her shoes off. >> you know what, we're back with our special numbers show, while you may feel there's many numbers to define you, the ones that seem to bother the women most are their ages and weight. which is why most women lie about it on their drivers licenses. how can they do that? >> you can't. plus size super model. we adore. contributing nutritionist. other own joy bauer is with us. >> this is my mother's age. >> my mother used to say i'm an 18-year-old woman trapped in a
10:14 am
53 yearly mom's body. do you feel that way as well? >> yes. >> we are going to say. why do you have your age on? why do you choose -- i don't have to do anything. >> i'm definitely in my 40s but my mom, god rest her soul, said you never talk about your age. it's just one of those things. it's not a big deal. the whole show is about i'm not a number. >> not defined by it. >> this is what you said, you feel like you're so much younger. >> you feel like insight. >> mostly, i feel like i'm 100 mostly. >> really in the verb of life, i feel like i'm in my 20s. >> yeah. >> we're talking about age and weight. one thing we talk about a lot is how frustrating it is. older you get, how difficult it is to take off even a single pound. i mean, it drives us in sane. >> as we get older, i'd like to say that the numbers matter a
10:15 am
little bit less. i think that we feel more secure in our bodies, and it's less about the scale and it's more about how we look and about how we feel. do you think? >> i have a little problem with that, because a lot of women don't want to get on the scale when they come to see me. and they say it doesn't matter. and it sneaks away from you. you know, a lot of time, i have someone who has been my patient for 20 years. they gain a pound or two aware of it, they are not aware of it. suddenly they're 20 pounds heavier. >> that's the problem. if someone comes in, they are 30 pounds up. they're well, i'm working out. truth is, they are kidding themselves. they are increasing their risk for diabetes, heart disease or certain cancers. uterine ganser is the number one cancer and the numbers are going straight up and the risk factor is obesity. >> do you find a lot of women go into your office completely unaware of what an eating
10:16 am
disorder might be. playing with their food. not eating enough or eating too much. there's not too many female doctors that are knowledgeable about these issues. >> we had this discussion all of the time. what i learned over the year, i had to be specific. not enough to say, are you eating healthy? what did you have for breakfast? i'm not eating breakfast because i'm on a diet. >> everybody enjoys fit club, joy. one thing women say, they skip breakfast, that are overweight. >> you know what happen, that's a bad cycle. you don't eat breakfast in the morning to save calorie, then you're starving by the afternoon and you eat all into the evening and you wake up. you feel bloated and heavy -- >> the bagel, high protein -- >> i'm the only one, problem a little over 50. did you have that trouble when
10:17 am
you hit 50 that nothing was the same? >> absolutely. the biggest thing that i get, women come in and say, i'm gaining weight because i'm menopausal. and this whole idea that when your estrogen goes down, weight goes up. that's not why women gain weight. i'll tell you. the reason why -- first of all what happens in menopause, weight doesn't change it gets redistributed. it goes right to the mid section. your weight will stay the same, your body changes. what happens at mid-life. metabolism changes. your life style changes. instead of making healthy food for the kids, you're going out to kinner having bread and wine every night. you're not theary ro air robics instructor, you're the secretary -- >> if i ate like this in my
10:18 am
20s -- >> we have to change the system. >> you're coming back. we'll get some questions from people across the street brave enough to wear their buttons. >> but they could be lying, you know what i'm saying? [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ to bring the family together on sunday mornings than with the warmth and aroma of freshly baked pillsbury cinnamon rolls. [ wink! ] [ wink! ] ♪ 50 on this card, maybe do... or you can use kmart layaway - with just $5, plus a little down - you spread the payments over eight weeks with no finance charges. you're good! no matter how you do the math - kmart layaway is the easy way to pay. there's smart and there's kmart smart. activia is better than ever!
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10:21 am
65 is the health department estimate how many gaps of fat a healthy adult should consume every day. >> 65. >> here with the skinny on fat is diet and nutrition editor. madilyn, you mentioned earlier you stopped getting in the sun how many years ago? >> about 20 years. >> were you reluctant to put the button on in. >> i felt good, my birthday is in two weeks i'll be 57. >> timing is -- >> that's very liberating. tell us about this. >> anyway, we'll talk about hidden fat. everybody knows about fat, you have globs of it pg hainghangin in food. i was told i'll start with you. we know olive oil is heart healthy. how does it stack up gram to gram with a artery clogging fat like lard. we have a tablespoon of each. does this olive oil have more, the same or fewer grams of fat
10:22 am
percent tablespoon? >> i'll say the same. >> you're correct. it's the same. 12 grams of fat. but it's going to be healthy fat. but you still have to watch the amount. good or bad, they're still the same. stay away from lard that's artery clogging. >> kathy this is for you. a little more on vegetable oils. they are heart healthy. meaning they won't clog your arteries. one of them is artery clogging and saturated. is it the safflower oil, coconut oil, corn oil, soybean oil or -- >> coconut. >> that's a hard one. >> because i love coconut. it's always something i love. you're going to do well today. >> hoda, this is for you. we know peanut butter is a heart-healthy fat. peanuts are good for you. but portions are hard to determine. okay. this is just a snack.
10:23 am
four sal four sal teens of peanut butter is that 20%, 30% or 50% -- >> i'll go for 50%. >> you're right. >> that's sick. >> each cracker has a tablespoon. 8 grams of fat. >> deli or honey on it. >> uh-oh, cheesecake. this is good. kathy, look at this. who doesn't love a rich dessert. cheesecake, gives you a hint. low carb cheesecake or sugar free. how does that stack up with the fat? this is six ounces of cheesecake. does it have more or less than 35 grams of fat in this serving? >> it's low carb. >> more? >> more. >> it has more. >> just think what you say, then go with the opposite.
10:24 am
>> even though it's low carb, it still has a lot. >> this is 46 grams of fat. if it's two thirds concern. >> you only have 30 seconds. >> look at many so of the sushi. sushi is good. does it have 10 or 20 grabs? >> 20. there's mayonnaise here. >> we have to starttqy'ñ reveal our weight. madilyn. >> we'll reveal part of it. so here is -- okay. this is the first of the beginning. ready? >> first digit. we're coming back with the other two digits. >> it's scary. running there? dancing there? flying there? how about eating soup to get there? delicious campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, energy,
10:25 am
farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. helping you get to a happier place. have a nice trip. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. as the towel used to dry them. so why use the same hand towel over and over instead of a clean, fresh one every time? kleenex® brand hand towels. a clean, fresh towel every time. kleenex® brand hand towels. dannon light & fit gives hope. we are sisters, daughters, wives, mothers. and together, we can help fight breast cancer. go online, enter the code from your light & fit lid, and we'll make a 10 cent donation. give hope with every cup of light & fit. thanks. i got the idea from general mills big g cereals.
10:26 am
they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills makes getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check. good morning. 10:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. time to check the commute one last time. >> still slow. that express lane area where it's supposed to help, still very slow. southbound 680. time to adjust. entrance point, just north, folks are slowing down and have to travel across a number of lanes from highway 84 into the new express lane. we'll give this time to adjust but it's been slow all morning. 880 north very slow from the coliseum past high street, clearing, noshth, then an earlier motorcycle accident and
10:27 am
another accident in the earlier backup. shrill stil slow heading downtown to the toll plaza. still cars waiting in line there. metering lights on and toll plaza backup and fast track, an advantage. clouds hovering have lifted a bit and cof course rob has a lok at the forecast. >> thick fog and you but for the afternoon temperatures reaching the 80s. 78 san jose, 67 san francisco and to the north bay, combination of mid 70s for petaluma and low 80s around lockport. and temperatures are going to cool off a bit towards midweek. then as high pressure strengthens, a taste of summerfo ther e first weekend of fall, 80s and 90s inland for the weekend. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp,
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>> california continues to break its own record for financial few tilt, 82nd day the state will operate without a budge oat. negotiations resume today. leamakers need to close a budget gap, until a new deal is past health care providers and other venders don't get paid. ious will be issued in october. some think state legislators are playing game. >> as long as they continue to screw around and take a long time and not do their job in a timely manner, they're going to be out of office real soon. >> i think there is a strategy that calls for delaying the budget until, as much as
10:30 am
possible, to make an issue of the budget delay. >> only two other states besides california require two-third vote to enkt a budget. ♪ i don't want what i never had ♪ ♪ i want what i had before ♪ god knows i'm not asking for more ♪ all right. i am. >> i am. >> isn't that a nice little tune? >> that's from the musical "hats." a long called "i don't want." a woman turned 50. >> that was our own kathie lee gifford ng issing "i don't want." a song she wrote for "hats." >> didn't i just say that? can we move it along here?
10:31 am
>> we started off earlier revealing -- >> now we'll reveal the second digit -- no, the third. not the second. so don't get all -- >> yes, we do. bring it, bring it. okay. there's a blank in between. okay, ready? flip it, flip it. we don't have all day. what is yours? >> liar. >> no, it's not. you know it's a little more than that. so we'll reveal the middle digit -- >> thank you. >> okay. >> thank you very much. how much do you weigh in how old are you? >> 53. >> uh-huh, right. i don't think so. >> okay. now we got that over. it's time to talk about, yes, age. we took to the streets to find out how people react when they're asked to fess up to their age. >> how old am i?
10:32 am
>> what's next, weight? >> what do you think in. >> you don't tell that. >> 75. >> it's over 40. >> i know it's surprising. >> come on. >> i have to tell the truth? >> 52. >> okay. 59. >> i'm 36. >> how old am i? >> 60. no lie. >> 27. i forgot. >> well, i'd rather be 60 with a 45-year-old body. >> i would never tell you my age, ever. it's my secret. >> like emmy, some people choose. it's their own business and they certainly have a right. now we're joined by a panel of women each represent a different decade from 20 to 60. we have michelle moore. she's a mere 25. i don't know why she's here and
10:33 am
34-year-old ann sachs. >> next is susan shapiro. she's 56 and she's the author of "you're grounded forever but first let's go shopping." last but not least mary jane foster age 60. welcome, brave women. >> now, was it -- were you intimidated when we asked you to wear the button? raise your hand when you thought, i really don't want to do that. >> i think you cringe when you think of your age. that's the problem. i came on, because i think we're bold to do this. the right thing to do. >> there's still the stigma, isn't there? as far as everything, as far as we've come, there still isn't -- there's still this stigma. do you think so? >> absolutely. i felt fine about my age. everybody knows i'm 60. until i got to thinking about what other people might have
10:34 am
limited my opportunities, going forward? so everybody is, so, i had no idea you were 60. >> that's why emmy chose not to -- she said i make my living as a model. i don't want my age to be an image -- a problem. >> i changed careers so many time, and i may again. i don't want someone to say you can't do that, you're too old. >> when you're 25 like michelle. it's funny, i remember 25 was moment momentus. i remember thinking i felt i was getting older at that time. how does 25 fit on you? >> i am aware of 25. i am embarring on my second half of 20s, going on 30. >> you're a quarter of a century old. do you know that? >> so old. >> but i'm aware. i know i'm young, but i'm aware of every year that i get older. >> and, are you thinking about 40 when you're 34. is that going through you or no?
10:35 am
>> definitely. i'm about to move to the other side. >> karel if, sweetart. the other side? dark side. >> i'm going to be closer to 40 than i am 30. >> do you feel like you've achieved what you want to achieve at the age of 34? >> i think i'd be really sad if i achieved what i wanted to achieve at 34. i would have to go home and sit on the so fa. no, there's more to achieve. >> stephanie, at 43, i know you'll tell the truth. so -- >> actually, on this side -- these or the other side. it's the other side of young is actually an amazing place to be in my experience and experience of women who write on my blog. i'm thrilled to be here. i feel it's a privilege to get older. >> i feel more confident. happier, more signature, i feel i have more power than i had when i looked sort of objectively closer to hot. it's a different kind of hot
10:36 am
that women from this side on. no that you're not hod. get to be. >> menopausal hot. >> its i confidence is what you when you're on this side of the room. >> if you're through divorce, or with children with addictions, where you feel you're failed as a parent. you feel you have your shot, and i blew it. >> i think you have to be a model for your children. you're building a career and have interesting. my daughters told me i needed to be photo shopped because they're in it. for my book photo. they are 23 and 30 years old. >> i did. they are not photo shopped in the picture, just me. >> now you look like sisters. that's so nice. >> we have a lot of people across the street who want to ask you questions about age and weight too and all of that
10:37 am
stuff. >> all of that is coming up. we'll continue our conversation and maybe give you that last digit. i don't know, i'm still thinking about it. >> first here what these ladies have to say about -- >> i hate my age. i hate being 41. getettingtting older, i ha getting fatter. >> i believe my age is a refl z reflection of who i am. i have a lot of love in my heart. so we customized a pro-v system that in test, outlasts the flop. the results? volume that lasts long past 4 o'clock. put it to the test. flat to volume. from new pantene. healthy makes it happen. the pantene re-invention is here. introducing the new pantene custom solutions. with options for your unique hair structure. fine, thick, curly or color. to make the hair you love, last and last.
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10:41 am
we' back with our fantastic panel of women. michelle moore. mary jane foster. ranging in ages from 25 to 60. >> we'll make them proud of it. first let's go to our own sarah haines, who has a crowd of women ready to ask your panel. it's a bold group. buttons everywhere. i went to kathy from chicago. she has a question of women keeping up or upkeep. >> why is it that the expectations of women are higher than men, when we age. you know, it's less maintenance for men with color, skin cream, facial -- >> every way. >> everything. >> who wants to take that. >> yeah, go on. >> yes. >> i think it's what the culture yields. culture asks us, and insists that we lie about our age, that we try to look younger, that we get botox or facelifts.
10:42 am
women field they should do it. men never feel they have to. >> i would suggest to you, that we should all simply not respond to that. >> it moves the bar. >> you go ahead. you're on your own. >> i have quite over here. does this make me distinguished? >> i got white all over here. >> i don't know what that is. it moves the bar. i used to be letting yourself go, men needing a hair cut. if you don't do anything proactive to look younger, look like you're in your 20s, you are letting yourself go. that makes it hard for everybody. >> do you feel that way? any of that pressure at 25? >> no. >> let's go back across the street to sarah. >> hi, i'm here with julie. she got a lot of question for weight loss results. >> i lost 40 pounds. since january. i'm feeling great. i feel the scale is slowed down.
10:43 am
i'm losing inches or pant sizes. i can't get the scale to keep moving, can i get health? >> she is 39. not yet in that zone we're talking about. >> i would say, eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full, and keep exercising, and you'll be the weight you're meant to be. it will be what your body wants and following your body and emotions is what makes you happy at any age, any size. >> plus she dropped 40 bounds. >> go ahead, sarah. >> i'm here jean from columbus. >> it's hard to keep up with the trends as we age. how do i stay fashionable as i'm getting older. >> she's wearing it well. it's not about fashion, but being classic, classic at this point. >> no, that's not for you
10:44 am
anymore. >> eventually, you develop a style. it's what is right for me. and what i know is right for me is not cute. clean, classic. >> you don't want to be a doorab adorable anymore. >> have you changed from your teens in. >> sure the older you get you know what works for you. it doesn't have to do with age. every woman you know what you feel good in. if you're dying to try out a trend, try it out on a smaller scale. count have to dress in head to toe in leopard print -- try it out with somebody you trust. say do i look ridiculous? >> right. >> you got mary from tennessee, got a question about healthy living. >> i was wondering what the most important we think about women to increase our longevity and quality of life. one most important thing. >> what do you think?
10:45 am
get on your fanny and exercise. at any age. keep moving, try to eat more healthy than not. >> and applause for people across the street who wore the able button. >> yes, yes. thank you, sarah. >> we're about to do our reveal. we have a weight reveal. do you not want to wear weight buttons? no one asked you? >> these are -- this is mine, 1$1.99 is kathies. 6, and this we'll put our last digit in. you might as well be. you see, their moisturizer sits on top of skin, almost as if you're wearing it. only dove deep moisture has nutriummoisture a breakthrough formula with natural moisturizers that can nourish deep down. it's the most effective natural nourishment ever. dove deep moisture with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin.
10:46 am
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or products containing aspirin, or for anyone who's had life-threatening reactions to flu vaccines. health conditions including guillian-barré syndrome, a weakened immune system, diabetes, pregnancy, or heart, kidney, or lung disease may exclude you from getting flumist. your doctor will decide if flumist is right for you. common side effects include runny nose or nasal congestion, sore throat, and fever. talk to your doctor to find out if flumist is right for your family. and visit sure is nice to have a choice. we're back with a special addition of "today." talking about numbers that define us or not. for the last hour, we're talking about courage to tell you what we weigh. >> do it together. >> remember, we had two digits. >> remember, we write in the middle. >> you bet. >> that's life.
10:50 am
>> ready? one, two, three, do it! okay. what are you? >> 146. >> and you're 46 years old? >> i'm 146 and i'm 46 years old. >> i thought when i got on the scale this morning i was jiggling. and it just stayed. >> you had a pizza last night. i hadn't weighed myself in a year. i weighed last week, and was -- a pound or two more than i -- i was 130 last week. >> mind was the same whether you jiggled or not. i moved to another room and it was the same. >> okay. hope this makes you feel better about yourself at home? >> i don't care. >> all right. all right. now we're going for the jugular, talk about the numbers in your bank account, the paycheck, take a listen.
10:51 am
>> i think this is very personal, private thing. even though i feel proud of where i'm at. >> i shouldn't be jnled on my salary. because that has nothing to do with who i am. and it doesn't define me. i don't make any money. i'm a housewife. i just spend money. >> and she -- it's hard to make no money. >> and fran harris is a life coach who helps people find what's really important in their lives. hey, fran. nice to see you. >> money and things like that. obviously, it gives you confidence, i think in a way, that you feel safe. you feel you're in a good place. >> you really do, you ask people about the money they make, talk about i want to be able to put my kids through college. >> feed them healthy food. >> i want to feel what it fools like not to play my mortgage. >> the thing to remember, it's just one of your numbers.
10:52 am
>> probably thought the world treat the people differently. remember the movie wall street, the new one. when he gets out of prison, he is the very same people that used to be, hey, gordon -- >> you hit on it. >> percesona non grada. . we know how the country treats people that are poor. >> you have a list that makes up internal number. money is not the list? >> no. it's your health. you have different numbers on the cholesterol. i have a similar experience. that number is very important, internal numbers have to be important. if i make a million dollar, but my satisfaction, fulfillment is low, i don't feel so good. >> i have friends who are extremely wealthy people who get sick and have no amount of money that can buy them a cure. money will not help you. ultimately we have a lot of
10:53 am
wealthy people who are unhealthy. >> this past summer i coached the girls 13 and under basketball team. took the entire summer off. i didn't pay for any of that. i felt great about what i was giving, making a deposit into the world. >> i feel very screwed up about the culture. the way we defined success i think worked. >> you are smart. >> we love your hair. >> do you have a book out? because you should. >> thank you. thank you. >> how much do you weigh, fran? >> anyway, we'll be back with more today -- >> we need more. gbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgb
10:54 am
[ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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10:56 am
i don't think sarah has revealed her weight, has she in. >> way i supposed to? >> 146 here. >> 143. and you're like 100 inches taller than me. >> how tall are you?
10:57 am
>> 100 inch, that's what i said. 5'3". >> i don't have secrets at this point. >> tomorrow the new member of the joy fit club pays us a visit. >> that's a lot. visit. >> that's a lot. a lot going on. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
10:59 am
carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.

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